New trout farm

Snowy Mountains Trout Farm is relocating a short distance downstream, to a new and modern site.  The new farm is a World class design modelled on the best farms in Europe and North America.  New features will include oxygen jet platforms to improve water quality for the fish, and drum filters to improve water quality, as well as the ability to recirculate water when river water supply is low.

The new farm was subject to extensive environmental assessment and has an approved development application from Tumut Council.

To operate a trout farm permits and licences are required from DPI Fisheries, Crown Lands, EPA, NSW Food Authority, and NSW Office of Water

Ground works are proceeding well with construction of the first raceway, water supply channels and pump station structures largely complete.  The pumps have been delivered and are currently being installed.  The new farm, with increased production and more consistent fish supply is expected to come on line later in 2012.

(images of construction progress)

(image of the tree protected by moving the proposed farm site)