Smoked trout

We think our smoked trout are the best in Australia. Rod has been smoking trout for over 30 years and we’ve got it down to a fine art with subtle […]

Fresh trout

We process our trout on Mondays and Wednesday and they’re iced and fresh to market the very next day.  We sell our fresh fish in a range of table sizes, […]

Frozen trout

Our fresh fish are individually sleeved and snap frozen for freshness so they can be conveniently shipped interstate and overseas. A lot of our customers, especially clubs, pubs and restaurants, […]

Live trout

We supply live trout for in-shop and in-restaurant aquarium display, as well as for farm dam stocking. Whilst live fish are considerably more expensive because of transport costs, they can […]

Trout Roe

Every winter our female fish are stripped for their eggs, or roe.  Most of them are kept in our hatchery and reared through for next years stock but sometimes we […]